We, humans have a soul, which is as sacred as the eternal sound ‘Om’ and we are a part of the natural vibrations of this universe. From the day we are born, the prime vibration results in a baby’s cry which symbolizes our birth and the last breath, the final vibration signifies our death. We are a part of these natural vibrations, just as much we are a part of this world.

The wild magical treasures of this world have a vibration that we can feel, see, touch, hear and sense as it’s a mysterious sphere of spiritual awakening. During our first Gong bath, we learnt that most of the gongs are toned at a frequency of the planets and each gong has a certain therapeutic and healing tendency. There are gongs at a frequency of planets like Mercury which takes 88 days to complete a rotation around the Sun and then, there is Sedna which takes 11,408 years to complete a rotation. The frequencies of nature are enigmatic and inexhaustible and by setting our natural vibrations right, we set the creation in motion. By keeping our natural vibrations in order, we keep our soul content and revived and we voyage into the depth of the secrets of the realms of universe and experience divine essence.


Natural Vibrations is an organization started by Ritnika Nayan that focuses on healing, guidance, alternative lifestyle, green living, sustainability and indigenous culture. The organization offers various services which range from Reiki healing, EFT (Emotional Freedom technique), Spirit healing, Oracle Card readings to spiritual guidance and counseling. They also have ties with various healers and instructors from across the globe and hold regular sessions, workshops and events. Natural Vibrations was born out of the desire to help and provide guidance to everyone we meet. In today’s chaotic world, we hope to spread love, compassion and understanding so that we realize that we are in fact one and we must honor and respect our mother i.e: Earth! Although our services are spiritual in nature, we are not religious. We follow the principle that humans are made up of energy and everything around us is energy (spirit) and we work in conjunction with this energy to provide healing.


Ritnika Nayan

An entrepreneur by profession, Ritnika spent 17 years working in music and building a successful business and only ventured onto the spiritual path 3 years ago during a low-point in her life. After experimenting with various energy healing modalities to heal her own depression and emotional issues, Ritnika was drawn to the healer’s path. Studying under her teacher Chris Eagle (USA), she learnt about indigenous methods of energy healing and started her company Natural Vibrations. She is a Spirit healer based on shamanic principles, a gifted oracle card reader and an EFT practitioner. Ritnika has undergone EFT training from Vitality living college (UK/India) and is certified with the Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques (AAMET); – a not-for-profit global association of dedicated EFT practitioners. Sessions with Ritnika are usually done on a one to one basis in person or via Skype. She also offers an introduction to energy healing & EFT workshop as well as specialized workshops based on issues like work place stress, stress in schools, love etc.


 Teachers/ Mentors:


Chris Eagle:

Chris Eagle was born in Los Angeles, CA in 1964. As a child he had a strong connection to Spirit, and had many questions about life, God, and our purpose here in this reality. He began experimenting and playing with energy at a young age. At eighteen years, Chris joined a local meditation and healing group. It was there he began using energy with the intention to bring healing. His young adult life proved to be challenging. Chris was confronted with addiction, physical illness and spiritual disconnection. Around the age of 30, Chris was guided back to the healers path, and began developing his intuitive gifts. Teachers started appearing in his life, both in spirit and in the physical. These early teachers and medicine people opened Chris up to the old ways, the indigenous ways to healing and “seeing”. They reminded him of our connection to Mother Earth, the spirits of the elements, and to the infinite possibilities that is within all creation.

Chris studied many different types of healing modalities, including massage therapy, Usui Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), Karuna Reiki and others. He began a holistic healing practice in his hometown, Los Angeles, but felt a name was needed to bring it all together. The name Eagle Touch came to Chris during a meditation. Under the name Eagle Touch, Chris offers Intuitive readings, mediumship sessions, and healing sessions. He also teaches healing and mentors those called to the healer’s path. He works with gifted medicine people to raise consciousness, and to heal or relationship with Mother Earth.

Chris’ biggest teacher to healing has been his personal story with illness. He was diagnosed with a life threatening illness in his mid 20s. His inner guidance was telling him there is a different way than traditional doctors to healing his physical body. The path hasn’t been an easy one, but he’s learned much. “When you set off on a path to true healing, you discover YOURSELF.” He learned every doorway to healing is different for everyone. Today, Chris assists others who are searching for healing on a deeper level. His approach is simple. He shows them the healer within.

Chris’ childhood thirst for Truth, and desire to study the great mysteries continued. He was being nudged towards Latin America. He lived in Guatemala for three years. There he had the opportunity and space to go deeper into his personal healing. He works with plant medicines, and learned the ways of ceremony. He learned the Mayan spirits are tough but generous. He expanded the framework his mind created around healing to a deeper level. He learned to “Listen” to the nature spirits.

While living in Guatemala, Chris began experimenting with healing sounds through voice and instruments. He found sound and vibration is a powerful tool to balance and clear energy. He began incorporating sacred sound into his private sessions. While still in Guatemala, he teamed up with a friend and began offering group sound journey ceremonies.

Today, Chris enjoys excellent health. He travels between the US, Latin America and India teaching healing, offering readings and private healing sessions. He facilitates workshops on Earth Healing, and Healing Our Relationship with Mother Earth. He co-facilitates healing retreats to raise consciousness, and to raise the vibration of our beautiful planet.



Dr R.K Sharma

Founder and owner of Reiki Power; Dr. Sharma has been practicing Reiki since 1997 and moulded the lives of many people by his simple and true guidance. Dr R.K Sharma is Reiki Grandmaster Teacher and a very simple person who believes in simple living and transparency in every work.  He holds a great amount of positivity and believes in positive thinking and positive karma’s. He is successfully arranging reiki classes individually, groups, workshops, corporate workshops for more than 15 years. He believes in teaching spiritual practice with a blend of scientific facts.He is also equipped with Tarot reading skills, angel reading, coffee cup reading, candle healing, crystal healing, past life regression, dowsing, tea leaf reading and trainings of many other healing techniques.


Dr. Rangana Rupavi Choudhari (Phd)

Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD) is a dynamic International speaker and trainer. She loves being able to share alternate therapy and coaching skills that enable real and rapid transformations. With a Phd in Cancer Research and background in running multi-billion dollar international business Dr Choudhuri set up in private practice in 2007 and Vitality Living College in 2009. Dr Choudhuri is an NLP Master Trainer, Inventor of Breakthrough Coaching, EFT Master Trainer, Matrix Reimprirnting Trainer and Presenter for the Journey sharing the stage with best selling author and pioneer Brandon Bays.Her seminars are energetic and impactful creating lasting positive transformations in life, health, relationships, work, money and spirituality. She has a very unique style that is compassionate and at the same time laser-like, scalping away the unessential and making the impossible possible.

With years of experience Dr Choudhuri has personally touched the lives of over 4000 people with live interventions, trainings and one to one sessions. Her experience comes through with being able to assess a situation rapidly and use the appropriate skills to enable an effective breakthrough. These are the exact skills she now shares with others for their personal healing or to become professionally qualified. Dr Choudhuri is on a mission to create 1000 trainers world-wide and make the skills available in homes, businesses, cities, villages, hospitals, universities, schools, charities, social enterprises and corporations.