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After paying please email us at to schedule a session either in person or via Skype. You can also email us to book bulk sessions, packages & workshops.


International Customers: (Online/ Skype Sessions):

In order to book an online session, please choose the options below and pay via the following methods:

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Once paid, please email me at to set up an appointment for your session or email your questions if you have booked a card reading. Oracle card readings are pre-recorded and usual turn around time is up to 1 week, unless i’m traveling.



Oracle Card Reading via Email (video link)  30 minutes:  USD $30
Ask questions about your life, love, career, spiritual guidance and advice. 30 mins video can usually cover up to 3-5 questions.


Twin Flame/ Divine Love Reading via Email (video link) Up to 45 mins: USD $45
Explore how the divine masculine and feminine feel about each other in their spiritual, mental, physical & emotional space. Discover blockages regarding union as well as over all guidance and advice.


Oracle Card Reading via Email (video link) 60 minutes:  USD $60


Live Skype Oracle Card Reading: 30-45 minutes: USD $80


Emergency Oracle Card Reading via Email (video link): USD $100
Reading received within 24- hours of payment. Please email before sending payment to check availability.




Distance Reiki/ Shamanic healing:  USD $30

This is done while the client is sleeping at their home. Intentions are set and then healing energy is sent to the client via their picture with the use of shamanic tools and crystals.


1 hour – EFT Session via Skype: USD $50




Wellness Package A: 4 sessions of EFT:  USD $160


Wellness Package B: 3 sessions of EFT + 1 Oracle card reading (30 mins):  USD $160


Wellness Package C: 2 sessions of EFT + 1 Oracle card reading (30 mins): USD $111


Corporate workshops, Specialized packages & discounts available, please email us for more details. –