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I do workshops on various topics including:

~ Law of Attraction

~ EFT/ Energy Healing introduction

~ Corporate workshop with EFT on stress, wellness, financial goals

~ School/college workshop on stress, achievement

~ Self Love/ Love with EFT workshop



Indian Customers:

Sessions offered:

Oracle Card Reading ~ 20 -30 mins (pre-recorded video) – Rs. 1500

Oracle Card Reading ~ up to 45 mins – (pre- recorded video) – Rs. 3000

1 Question Oracle Card Reading – No Video, only written message via email or whatsapp – Rs. 500

EFT/ NLP/ Talking Therapy session – 1 hour – Rs. 3000

Sound Healing sessions (in person/ private session) – Rs. 2000

Group Sound Healing/ Workshops – Please email.

You can pay via google play at –

or via bank transfer. Please email for banking details.

After paying please email us at to schedule a session either in person, phone or via Skype/ Whatsapp.

You can also email us to book bulk sessions, Twin Flame specials, packages, workshops & Life coaching sessions.


International Customers: (Online/ Skype Sessions):

In order to book an online session, please choose the options below and pay via the following methods:

~Paypal – Paypal email id – or

Once paid, please email me at to set up an appointment for your session or email your questions if you have booked a card reading. Oracle card readings are pre-recorded videos and usual turn around time is up to 1 week, unless I’m traveling.



Energy Donations:  USD $ 11.11


1 Question Oracle Card Reading via Email (No Video):  USD $ 11.11 NEW
One question written reading via email or Whatsapp on any topic.



Oracle Card Reading via Email (video link)  20 minutes:  USD $40 SPECIAL RATE 30$
Ask questions about your life, love, career, spiritual guidance and advice. 20 mins video can usually cover up to 3-4 questions.


Twin Flame, Love or General Reading via Email (video link) Up to 30 mins: USD $55 SPECIAL RATE 40$
Explore how the divine masculine and feminine feel about each other in their spiritual, mental, physical & emotional space. Discover blockages regarding union as well as over all guidance and advice.


Multiple topics/ questions oracle card reading 45 to 60 mins:  USD $70  NEW!!!                                                                                                                                  Ask questions about your life, love, career, spiritual guidance and advice. 60 mins video can usually cover up to 7-10 questions. 



Spiritual Counseling (Phone or Skype) up to 60 mins:  USD $60  NEW!!!                                                                                                                                            Sometimes all you need is someone to listen to and advice you on how to move forward. Spiritual Counseling can be done via Skype or via Phone/ Whatsapp call. 


Twin Flame Healing Special: (1 Oracle card reading for blockages + 3 EFT or Counseling sessions) USD $150  NEW!!! Special Intro Price                                    Identify the blockages towards union and work through them via EFT and counseling sessions. Working on your own issues and blockages is step one in achieving union in a Twin Flame relationship.


Breakthrough Life Coaching with NLP, Hypnosis & Timeline Technology: Intensive – 3 hour session or divided into 1 hour sessions x3 : $225
The intensive breakthrough coaching session is 3- hours long (in one go) where we identify one core issue through a series of questions, figure out an action plan and use the tools to help eliminate blockages. The advantage of a 3- hour straight breakthrough session is that it can identify and eliminate the issue in one go, so that the client can achieve a level of peace & clarity and are able to progress towards their goal much faster.

Breakthrough Life Coaching with EFT, NLP, Hypnosis & Timeline Technology: Extended Package – 6 one hour sessions: $500
The extended breakthrough coaching session is divided into 6, one hour long sessions where we identify the core issues through a series of questions, figure out an action plan and use the tools to help eliminate blockages. The advantage of the extended package is that it gives time to the client to assimilate the healing & learnings before each step. During these sessions we also have the option of using other tools like Shamanic healing and EFT at appropriate times.

Distance Reiki/ Shamanic healing:  USD $30
This is done while the client is sleeping at their home. Intentions are set and then healing energy is sent to the client via their picture with the use of shamanic tools and crystals.

1 hour – EFT Session via Skype: USD $50  SPECIAL RATE 40$


Wellness Package A: 4 sessions of EFT:  USD $160

Wellness Package B: 3 sessions of EFT + 1 Oracle card reading (30 mins):  USD $160

Wellness Package C: 2 sessions of EFT + 1 Oracle card reading (30 mins): USD $111

Corporate workshops, Specialized packages & discounts available, please email us for more details. –