Natural Vibrations


 “I just finished watching the reading you did for me, it was sooo spot on!…You are amazing! I am truly grateful for your insight, energy, and guidance!”  ~ Joy (USA)


 “It has been a very deep and quality reading with Ritnika Mam. It is true that most of the energies that we exchange with the universe helps us manifest whatever we want in life. And this reading helped me understand the areas that I need to work on that shall help the manifestation come true real soon. Thank you for your prompt response Ritnika Mam and look forward to another one.” – Arunima (India)


“Superb reading! Definitely resonated 100% and great advice given. Thank you so much Ritnika, Love & Light” – Lavinia (New Zealand)


 “I had the wonderful pleasure of receiving EFT via Skype(I live in the United States) almost a week ago. I have had blocks regarding money stemming from childhood and within an hour I felt this “weight” lifted from deep in my heart. Right now is when my bills start to come out and normally I would be stressed…laying awake at night, checking my bank account numerous times a day, cranky, sad, defeated. I am here to say THANK YOU because finally at 44 years old, I feel NONE of that. I highly recommend Natural Vibrations. She truly changed my life. I only wish I had met her sooner.”  ~ Sandra Stack (USA)


 “WOW. Thank you so very much. This was the best reading I’ve had. You are a gift from God.What an amazing reading. She hit everything on the spot answered my questions with a lot of details. Truly spectacular considering that she knew nothing me prior to the reading. She truly has a gift and has extremely good advice. She is able to deliver guidance to make you a better you. Highly recommend. ~Ruth – (USA, NYC)


“Today I had my second EFT session through Skype with Ritnika. The way she conducts the Skype session I could feel that it was a live session and the distance did not matter as we explored some issues related to goal setting and self doubt. I was made to feel very comfortable to discuss my issues and I liked the way she guided me towards the things which were hidden in my sub conscious mind to finally get my issue resolved.I highly recommend Ritnika for EFT sessions in person or through Skype.” ~ Paramjit Singh (India)


“Yesterday, I had my first EFT session with Ritnika over Skype. And almost instantly, I experienced a vibrational shift as we worked on releasing limiting beliefs by tapping. Ritnika is a joy to work with as I had no problem opening up to her about how I truly feel. Indeed, I highly recommend this to anyone who feels blocked or lacking in positivity.”  ~ R. A Hernandez (Philippines)


“Ritnika is seriously gifted. I hadn’t had EFT work done before, but knew I needed to clear a few things out. After the first session I could physically feel the effects of my energy shifting – this has not happened to me before! It was amazing. My thoughts toward the situations changed and I felt better. I was able to release emotions I had been dealing with every single day for over the past 2 years. I highly recommend Ritnika to anyone wanting to experience EFT and it’s benefits.”  ~ Ashleigh Smith (Australia)


“I had a fantastic EFT session with Ritnika and felt we touched on a lot points to help self development. I would definitley recommend it and I will be booking in for another session again.” ~ Niki Kelly (UK)


My experience with Ritnika has been a rather surprising and interesting one. I’ve always had a deep fear of the ocean and the creatures living in it. Putting even a toe in the ocean or sea would end up giving me nightmares. Living in Australia – a place surrounded by the sea, I figured I needed to get over this phobia. Over the course of a month, Ritnika performed distance healing on me, which has made a big impact. I can now go into the sea up to my shins and even open to the idea of wearing a wet suit and going snorkeling. I am sure with continued healing, I will soon be able to swim with the fish! ”  ~ Aakriti Thukral (Australia)


“I had a Reiki and guidance session with Ritnika where she introduced me to EFT. I had never heard of it before but decided to give it a try even though I was unsure that it would work. One of my issues was that I wanted to sing in public but felt a block.She guided me on how to use EFT to clear this block by showing me how it is done and I followed. I was asked to try it everyday as it takes barely a minute and so I did it every morning. One day I was so engrossed with work that I began singing, usually I would get conscious of this and stop but that day something clicked inside of me and my EFT affirmation came into play. I remembered why I sing and was able to continue doing so. Ritnika makes you feel completely unjudged  and at ease during her sessions and while accepting energy through her I almost fell asleep. Her studio is a lovely place and gives one a sense of calmness. I got back from Ritnika’s place relaxed and look forward to go back to her soon!”  ~ Menaka Neotia (India)


Have just had the most amazing reading from this person! Everything was so in line with my life at the minute and I’ve received the insight and confirmation I needed! Definitely recommend” ~ Aisling McMahon


I want to thank Ritnika for giving me a healing session. Unknowingly the timing seemed right since I was  clueless and the session made all the difference at the time. I was all set for a backpacking trip and I had quit my job, and the session with Ritnika made me hopeful that things would end well and I would find the path I was looking for. And it did happen. She helped me access my consciousness and made me self-aware and answered my doubts in an assertive way. She has been supportive throughout my journey, and I can not thank her enough” ~ Pawandeep Singh (Australia/India)


“I recommend Natural Vibrations highly. The card that was pulled for my question was accurate and coincided with my healing from earlier that day. Thank you” ~ Neha Verma (Oman)


I first witnessed Ritnika’s spiritual healing this spring when I was visiting. She had recently started her journey and I could tell  how connected she was. I was open minded yet a little apprehensive being the scientist I am! However when I lay down I could literally feel the warmth radiating from her and she had an extremely calming effect on me. I was worried about my visa delays and had postponed my trip back to SF multiple times. Ritnika was reassuring and accurately predicted when it would arrive. She is committed to using her energy to healing and helping others and it’s truly a pleasure to have witnessed that.” ~ Dr. Chhabra (USA)


“I had one EFT session with Ritnika about a month or so ago. It was so great to discover what some of my blocks were, that I wasn’t consciously aware of! We worked on it and I felt more at peace right away. I can say that one thing was still bothering me, but now, after having some time pass, I have made some contact with the person that I was feeling bothered by, and I feel so much better and patient than I had before, even though I am still waiting for things to happen. So I would say it definitely helped! Thank you!”  ~ Tanya Yous (USA)


“Today I had my first session of EFT with Ritnika . I already feel rejuvenated with a lot of positivity. I have been experiencing a lot of doubts regarding a few aspects in life which we addressed during the session . I must say that I feel a lot clearer after just one session.” ~ Prasan Chawla (India)


“So due to shortage of time I’ve only had one eft session with ritnika. But that one session was so intense and powerful that I could feel all the issues I had repressed, leave me making me feel so much lighter. Ritnika made me very comfortable to voice my concern areas and guide my pain out of my system. I wish ritnika all the luck in the venture and highly recommend it to others.” ~ Mansha Monga (India)


“I have had a few EFT sessions with Ritnika and have found her approach very deep. Whilst she helps you tap away, she guides you to a space of emotional unclutter. Highly recommended.” ~ Vikram Badhwar (India)


“I had my first session with Ritnika and I must say, it was extremely helpful in making me understand the core reasons of a few issues I have been facing ! I left feeling positive and rejuvenated! Ritnika has a great comforting attitude which allowed me to open up without any hesitation. A must try for everyone !” ~ Chandani Chawla (India)


I had a few sessions with Ritnika and LOVED it. It was via Skype to help motivate me to get fit. I was very lazy and had a negative outlook on the whole concept of working out (it really put me off).Three sessions later, I have been going to the gym regularly and eating right. More than that, my mindset around being healthy and fit is more positive and realistic. Thank you.” ~ Aakriti Chhabra (Australia)


 “I watched a YouTube video of a twin flame reading that Ritnika had done, and everything she said happened to really resonate with me, and I also liked how she conducted the reading; she seemed genuine. I decided to purchase a reading with her, and I’m very happy that I did and that I even came across her in the first place, as the reading was spot on in regards to my current situation, and I felt she took her time and was very present. I would definitely purchase another reading from Ritnika, and will recommend her to anyone interested in getting a genuine reading!” ~ Sam B. (USA)


 “I booked an oracle reading and it was fantastic.  She went very in depth and really helped me focus on what I need to work on…I’m looking forward to booking an EFT session!” ~ Meghan (NYC, USA)


 “Ritnika is uplifting and practical. Even within one EFT session, I felt so rejuvenated and light. I definitely recommend this to everyone. Thank you, Ritnika!” ~ Ankita (India)


 “First of all this woman has a beautiful soul.. and you can see it any any video she posts.. secondly.. she is definitely divinely guided.. her intuitive knowledge on my situation could not have been guessed… and it hit my heart space in such a sincere way… and she really takes the time to talk to you in detail.. you feel like she knows you on a personal level and is really rooting for you.  If you’re on the fence about it trust me… four times the price would be well worth it.  You will love her, whatever service she provides you with.  Her energy is beautifully bright and nurturing.  Thank you so much I couldn’t be more grateful.” ~ Erica (USA)


 “I was seriously blown away by her accuracy and delivery of the card reading. I had a very specific reading I wanted, and took my time watching various people on YouTube over the recent months trying to feel into who I resonated with the most. I’m so glad I trusted my instincts and went with Ritnika because she did not disappoint!! Seriously, everything about it was spot on. Being a seer and healer myself, and working with intuitives often, I can assure you she’s the real deal. And aside from all that fantastic ability, she has a very pure, honest, direct, and supportive way about her. It’s very refreshing and validating. And if that isn’t enough…she was super responsive and had my video to me within 24hrs of our first email! Way faster than I expected…so that was another wonderful treat as well. Thank you so much Ritnika and I’m excited to keep working with you.” ~ Jen (USA)


“Ritnika is gifted, honest and gives her advice and healing sessions with no b.s. She is even willing to get up early to do EFT sessions via Skype with people who live in vastly different time zones! We had trouble connecting due to internet problems but she persisted over a period of a week to make sure I got the healing I needed. I felt so much lighter after our session, released alot of emotional stuff, and have now been able to move forward in several areas where I was stuck. I highly recommend her services and send her blessings xx” ~ Helen (Australia)


I had a wonderful Oracle video reading today! So much resonated and I definitely recommend booking a reading or whatever it is you need.” ~ Kristin Marie (USA)


 “I had my first reading from Ritnika this past weekend and loved it! It may not have been everything I wanted to hear, but it was everything I needed to hear, and it also gave me hope for the future, which is something that readings from a few other readers did not do. Some readers do not give you hope if they see something negative, but Ritnika presented everything clearly and with a positive spin on it, even if it was not as complete an answer as I would have liked. And on the few occasions that the question was not completely answered in that part of the reading, it was answered in response to a different question. I am very happy and in the future will book again when I again need clarification of my own intuition.” – Lucine (USA)


Ritnika is a blessed soul. I am glad to have known her. Thank you, would be a very small word to say but I mean it with all my heart and soul” ~ Namrata N. (Bangalore, India)


 “You’re an angel, such an accurate reading”  ~ Laura (USA) 

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